Cha Bar- The Unconventional bar

There is no problem on Earth that can’t be  ameliorated by a hot bath and a cup of tea.

As the name suggests, Cha means chai as in tea and Bar is just to baffle you. This little place is just in the Oxford Bookstore and attracts a huge crowd of all college students, readers and of course tea lovers.

Although it looks nothing like a bar but it’s a paradise for the tea maniacs of the city. A very crowded sitting area is provided just next to the Oxford Bookstore, where you may have to wait to get a table. The interiors are pretty in white and blue and no such detailing has been done, thus keeping it simple and neat.

The menu is descriptive of each dish being served. Also it has a whole dedicated section of the menu to tea, where you’ll fine every possible variant of tea this world has to offer. It offers pastas, sandwiches and cakes and pastries, thereby keeping you light.


Enjoy a hot cup of Earl Grey and some chilli chicken wrap, served with a cabbage and tomato salad. The tea is offered with a small sieve and tea leaves water in a teapot with a choice of sugar- brown and white. The wrap, as the name suggests, is spicy and has a perfect blend of flavours, the chicken filling being juicy as it should be. This combination is going to satisfy you to the core.


Also, a cup of hot chocolate and pesto sauce pasta won’t be a bad option either. Although the pasta was a bit dry but a good combination with hot chocolate.The pasta is served in an aluminium pan, with a perfectly toasted slice of garlic bread. And the beverage not being just another chocolate milk but the perfect Hot Chocolate one dreams of.

At this cafe, you need not dig a hole in your pocket to enjoy some great food and hot tea with the company of great books. It’s a great place for college students and avid readers who don’t mind having the company of their favorite tea.

Meal For two | Rs 500
Location | N-81, Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place, New Delhi


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